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Had a bad experence with a buyer, so he bought one of my gigs to leave a negative effect on me. How to deal with them?

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is fine. My experience here has been great so far and I enjoyed every bit of it. Recently though, I just had a weird encounter with a buyer.

This guy messaged me and asked if I do a service he require. I kindly declined and said I don’t do that type of services - he again asked if I did and I again kindly apologized and told him that I don’t. He then replied to me with ‘then go learn from YouTube or something’.

I told him to please find someone else. He got really angry and started saying that I should THANK HIM for choosing me to do this type of work. He told me that he was going to block me and called me NASTY and very rude even though I am not sure what I said that was nasty and rude. Anyway, time passed and I see an order from this same guy.

He ordered my cheapest gig and requested for me to do a service not related to my gig. He basically bought my gig so he could have leave a negative effect on my account.

I messaged him on the order and told him that we do not do this type of service and that I will kindly request a cancellation. He canceled the request, and told me “If you are good then you should be able to do it”. I told him that I won’t be doing it because it’s not my type of service and that he did not read the gig’s description (or title, that is) and if he can kindly accept my request to cancel it.

He told me to just ‘get it done quickly’ and I said I will not get it done and I will not be working with him. He said that I was rude again and told me he purchased my gig and I should just deliver and if I don’t like it then I should just quit…

So this guy just spent $ just to try and screw me over. Order is still pending, contacted support and hope to get this resolved soon.

Any of you guys have similar experience? How do you deal with this?

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Just keep sending requests to cancel and wait for support to get back to you. In this case, you need to show them (don’t assume they’ll go through the messages) that this buyer’s intent is to harm your account.

While CS is hit or miss, this sounds like an obvious case of bad intentions. Let them know that you would like to cancel the order and block the buyer. Blocking the buyer may or may not help and it’s possible he could make another account and do this again. If the intent is truly to destroy you for something so minor, you may want to put your gigs on hiatus until he’s had his fun and moves on.

Sad but true! Good luck!