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Had a family sudden death as a seller- vacation mode not suitable

I lost my farther suddenly and had to travel outside my country to see him at hospital before he passed. Never even thought of vacation mode and to be honest was not even thinking of fiverr. But on return to UK I see many orders and some regular customers who have ordered. I’m not worried about ratings or my fiverr gig which I did work hard on. I am worried that my customers who trusted in me who have returned and reccomended me to others feel let down. I have emailed most I can. is there a way to mass email them to tell them sorry? refunds are a non issue as i work for a fiverr and that I do for a hobbie. But feel really upset that people who trust in me failed them…

maybe a good feature in the future. or maybe better “accept order” just incase its not possible

just a thought for future as it’s so hard to find bookings and reply after a week as it shows no messages



i’d consider requesting for mutual cancellations on any orders open you can’t complete in the time frame and suspend your gigs in the interim to play it safe to avoid future upset buyers.

if i had to guess that personal issue comes before the $4USD out of every $5 you make on fiverr

best of luck

Hi Lee,

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Definitely mutually any outstanding orders and let the buyer know.

I would also contact Fiverr Support and let them know what happened too.

Warm regards,


Hello, Thankyou for your replies . just had a chance to see my fiver… totally screwed.

oh well nothing i can do. support offers nothing for this type of happening.

thankyou for giving advice

You can get in touch with the customers that have cancelled, explain the situation and then ask their permission to get the late delivery feedback removed.