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Had a great first month and then...horrible experiences started

Hi all,

I am a music composer and I had a great first month here on fiverr where I made my first 300$ and became level 1 seller in just a month of working for clients. I can’t express how I felt earning such a great figure by doing what I love. Even money can’t buy such feelings my friends. As for my music, I’ve had great 5 star reviews every time I delivered on my gig page. You can check if you want: my gig page link

(or just don’t bother if you feel that I am here to promote my music gig :slight_smile: )

I have confidence of my talents and skills as a music composer but despite my excellent work, I hardly got any clients after the first month. In fact, I started getting bad clients in my second month (one of those arrogant types who think they know all about music themselves and just refuse to get convinced about the results no matter how much hard you try or how many revisions you provide them!) I even went out of my own set rules of limited revisions and gave that client an extra revision for free but he gave another stupid excuse and finally CANCELLED the order marking it late delivery. (yeah, he still has my music btw…) … and I got a gift of 1 star. That’s not all. I got another client of the same caliber. Fiverr as you know requires you to have at least 90% positive ratings in order to send proposals to clients. Due to few 1 star ratings, my current rating is 87%. I can’t send proposals to client’s offers anymore. I feel trapped and cheated. Fiverr must offer an alternate way for sellers to contact potential clients if they have less than 90% ratings due to late deliveries Late deliveries doesn’t mean the seller did a bad work. It has various factors involved. Other hiring sites enable sellers to send proposals even if they don’t have any rating or work experience.

Although, I admit I did turn my vacation mode on for few months but that was due to a personal crisis that I couldn’t dedicate time for doing work on fiverr. But now that I am back, my gig page almost resembles a silent hill. I tried contacting other experienced sellers of my category for tips getting clients but most composers don’t even reply. I send them multiple messages asking humbly for tips on improving as a new composer but the plea seem to fall on deaf ears. I guess they only know how to send a sales pitch. Even the “TOP RATED” ones I tried are complacent. I understand they are super busy with their own lined up orders but the sign of a good and honest music composer is the one who helps and shares his secrets of success to other budding composers who don’t have as much experience as them but have a ton of talents. They never hide their success stories. Excuse me if I offend any music composer reading this post but it’s just my opinion and experiences I’ve had so far and I feel most composers are here for the MONEY and not for exploring their passions and skills with people around the world.

So, I felt like expressing myself here in the fiverr forum. Any tips on improving on Fiverr as a music composer are welcome.

Best of luck to all,

Kind Regards,
MKG Arts

If a buyer cancels an order due to late delivery the review appears automatically. Something doesn’t add up here. Either you didn’t deliver your work on time or you delivered your work via message? Make sure to always deliver on time and ALWAYS deliver via the “Deliver Now” button.

No, no…no! Please don’t do this. It’s considered spamming. In fact, other users can report you for spamming which can lead to restrictions on your account.

You can always ask for help and suggestions here on the forum.

Are you taking advantage of buyer requests?

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No, I can’t. On buyer requests sections, I always get 0 offers left for the day. I used to get 10 chances per day initially for responding to buyer requests but now it’s always 0. I don’t know how to take advantage of buyer requests now that I am not given any chances.

And sorry if messaging to other sellers is considered as spamming. I wasn’t aware of this. But I never forwarded any self promoting messages. My intention was just to seek help and guidance as I am new.

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Also, if there’s any alternate way besides responding to buyer’s requests (which I am unable to do now) to promote my gig for better exposure, then please guide me.

MKG Arts