Had an AWESOME experience with a seller


Alright, so Im new here on fiverr and i wanted to tell you all about the awesome experience i had with seller kaismith. the gi i got was his legal contract and i let him know what I wanted. he responded extremely quickly and was efficient aand stayed in contact with me to let me know the status of things, and overall, i was SUPER happy with this experience and his delivery, will most likely get his gig again if i need it and will recommend it to my friends. I don’t really know if this is the right place to post this, i habvent made a post on here before or even if this is appropriate to say, but so far with fiverr, I really like it a lot, and I hope that everyopne is like this. His gig is at http://fiverr.com/kaismith/create-a-simple-binding-legal-contract if you guys want to see it


Great to hear your positive story!!


Nice to hear these kinds of stories. There may be some asymmetric “moderation” because we don’t let people call out individuals for negativity. However, I think we do for the positives. So way to go. Thank you for the story and case study