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Had an awesome experience with a seller :) :) :)

So, I saw this guy on the forum today and contacted him straight. He does torat card reading. Had some issues in my life. Needed some closure. Believe me, every single word that he said was true and it actually freaked me out a bit. How can someone know about you even if that person doesn’t even know you in person?

Now, you people will say that it might be a coincidence that whatever he said was true. But, every single thing he said about me and the other person was true and accurate. I still can’t believe me.

If you have some sort of problems in your life and wondering why these things are happening to you, contact him and he will definitely help you understand what’s going on.

His name is James Bulls (@jamesbulls) and he is one great guy.

This is not a promotion and I am not affiliated with him or his services. I am doing this because I am really happy.

<b>Please don’t remove this article.</b>

Yes James is good. Why would you put the last part not to remove your post?

I have seen that posts usually gets removed when someone mentions the seller name + I didn’t ask James before posting this article.

James is great in his work and customer care style. I really loved his readings.

I’m more worried about whether Modi will win in 2019 or not than about any personal issue really…can James answer that? LOL.

We can ask @jamesbulls. He puts a disclaimer on his gig’s description that his gigs are for entertainment purpose. So may be one can buy and entertain oneself. Jokes apart, he is really very talented. Despite of disclaimer, his reading are too true to believe. I am a big fan.

I prefer not to ask. I mean, for most people, if the predictions are not to our liking, we get upset, so better not to ask. Whatever has to happen, will happen.

You are right but I was required to take a decision. So I asked James to do a directional analysis for me. Apart from addressing my questions, he also pointed out the concerns which I did not share with him. I was surprised. I started thinking in that direction and it worked for me.

I’m flattered that you were so happy with the service I provided that you felt compelled to give an unsolicited testimonial! I’m really touched :slight_smile: And it’s also very nice of you to add a polite request that mods don’t remove the post, but generally speaking, moderators only remove posts when the buyer is complaining about the seller. This was so kind of you - you really made my day :smiley:

I’m not going to be the best reader for every client, but I’m glad that I was the best reader for you!

I think that’s a very mature approach. I don’t think it’s wrong to make predictions, but in my personal practice when I read cards for myself I almost never make predictions because I prefer to use what I have in the present to create my future, as opposed using what I have in the present to change my future. Less like waiting, more like commanding!

shrugs We already talked about that on my AMA, and it looks like Modi will pull through, but as you’ve said a few times elsewhere on the forum: India has been around for thousands of years, it’s not going anywhere. I’ve predicted some really interesting things in my time, but I’ve also made some really spectacular misses, too. Prediction can be helpful, but looking at Tarot as a tool, I think it’s best application is in assessing the present. It’s not impossible to predict the future, I just think the present is more important.

Isn’t it fun how Tarot works like that? Whether you think there is or there isn’t any magic at play in the cards, the way that Tarot can shift your perspective and reveal hidden things can’t be denied. I’m lucky to have so many repeat clients like yourself!

So true!!! This is what I believe. It is actually magical. I was worried about many things. I discussed those things with you. You did a reading and it changed my perspective and made me feel very positive. I do not know what will happen in future but I started creating the future of my dreams bit by bit. Now I came closer of executing my plan and I realized most of my worries were actually imaginary. So it does not seem like a reading that you done for me but a magic spell that you created. You are such a wonderful person. I wonder why do not you make a new gig offering directional analysis.

When done properly, that’s what Tarot is - directional analysis - but I prefer to describe myself for what I am (a Tarot reader, and arguably just an entertainer). There are people with far better qualifications and industry-specific experience who are better given the job of directional analysis. I do the best I can in every reading that I do, but at the end of the day there are some skills, knowledge, and abilities I just don’t have.

Thank you for sharing your perspective about yourself. You are a very skilled Cartomancer and a wonderful seller. I am a true believer.

Well said, I read in a book that those who are negative will find faults and be depressed even when in heaven, and those who are positive will make something of themselves even in hell. It’s all about our attitude. The economy, country, politics etc. does not matter. It’s all down to us.



You definitely were, my friend. Helped me a lot :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

He will definitely win. I am sure Rahul Gandhi (Chota Bheem), Kejru and others are doing everything they can to kill Modi’s competition.

Kejru is going down. Rahul never went up. The youth love Modi.

Believe me. 20 saal Modi Sarkar.