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Had High Hopes for Fiverr :-(

Hello Fiverr’ss

There’s a old saying I remember from way back …
“What do people do when when they have more money than they need?” Answer:- They buy paintings!"

Because when the IPO happens, the CEO of Fiverr will be concerned with this only. Drinking Mai Tai’s while admiring them. Because he obviously does not care about whats going on with the people who built his site. Ive been on here a short time and can see that Fiverr is all over the place.
Having a quality product and quality service don’t mean diddly anymore. I don’t want be like a puppy dog waiting for it’s owner to finally arrive in the hope Fiverr improves it self. I’m putting my gigs on autopilot.

p.s I am actually getting orders and doing quite good before anyone asks.

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I gather that you’re not doing great, but I do know a couple of VO artists that are doing pretty good here.

I can’t comment what CEO is doing or planning to do, but in most cases the success of your gigs comes down to marketing. There are plenty of people who make a decent living here.

I haven’t monitored your category, but in mine I can see that some of the recent changes have benefited some sellers. I wouldn’t say they are offering a better quality. It’s mostly due to better marketing and I can accept that. I’m pretty good at up-selling and converting buyers into clients when they contact me, but I suck at getting them to my gig. This is something that my competitors have figured out and that’s OK.

This ranting pot category is meant for people to vent so I won’t even try to troubleshoot your gigs and there are plenty of VO sellers who can give you better advice, but I personally I don’t see the link between CEO and low sales. Once I see actual numbers about sales & revenue I can say if CEO is making bad decisions or not. Low sales for me can easily mean better sales for someone else and complaints on this forum don’t mean much because we don’t hear most of the success stories.


Actually i’m doing not to bad, just completed 50 sales in this saturated VO market in just a couple of months. I understand that’s pretty good.
The problem is the consistency is just not there. The changes made recently make Fiverr not viable to focus all my efforts.

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That I can understand. They are making a ton of changes.
I can see some sellers are benefiting from this, but reading this forum I can also see that some are struggling with it.

I would like to think that Fiverr has actually done the math and there are a lot more sellers/buyers who are benefiting from this, but since there’s no visibility to the stats I can’t say for sure.

For example, I like the idea of evaluating sellers every 60 days because this ensures that you have to be on your best behavior all the time. However, they didn’t think it through and left in things like mutual cancellations.

I can also see that their search algorithm is giving higher position for gigs that I’ve already purchase which is smart, but then again they are spamming my search page with PRO gigs with 0 sales. It would be fine if they throw in a few new gigs, but right now they spam me with those even when I’ve specifically filtering ONLY top rated gigs. What’s that about?

Or showing gigs like “Raising talent” which have 0 sales. It makes no sense. Raising talent based on what?

Anyway, I do get that Fiverr has been unstable recently, but I still think there are sellers who thrive in that chaos :slight_smile: So as long as the numbers add up for Fiverr, I can’t blame my lack of sales on Fiverr.


Good for you, Steve! I think a lot of sellers are moving in that same direction. As one said to me, “Fiverr seems intent on shooting themselves in the foot.” A big way that shows up is lack of respect in the way they treat sellers. It will come around for them.


The IPO is no doubt i the main cause of change. When It goes through it’s going to be profit,profit,profit. There is is enough whip cracking on here already. How much more juice can they extract from a gig.
I became a freelancer to have personal freedom, not be a slave to an algorithm .


People are too afraid to say anything who are new because they believe there gig will suffer.
Im doing pretty well on here , but its like working for the Gulag sometimes

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Don’t take this in the wrong way, but you do have a freedom to choose which platform you use if any.
I knew from the start that Fiverr will only be step 1 for me and now I’ve paused my gigs because I’m overbooked with outside work.

I got my feet wet here, learned a ton and now I don’t really need Fiverr anymore.
I’d say if you find that Fiverr is going in a different direction then focus your energy on outside business. If enough people do that then Fiverr will finally get it or it will transform into something else.

Introducing Fiverr PRO might have been one of the first steps towards IPO. So I think you’re right saying that most of these changes were made to clean the house or make it look better.
I’m not closing my account just yet, I want to see what happens :slight_smile:


Boy does that say it all, Steve! To me, the Fiverr algorithm never has made much sense anyway - we’re being treated like 2nd graders all walking in line holding on to a piece of twine. I too feel the loss of personal freedom because of the amount of control Fiverr tries to exert with their algorithm.