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Had no idea Fiverr clients are so discriminative

I am Bulgarian that has lived in the U.K. for years. I lived in CA before that. My English is, I’d say, quite good. I’ve spent my entire life learning English, have passed TOEFL exams with excellent results and have CAE certificate from Cambridge.
I have been a copywriter for over 3 years now and during this time I’ve learned and successfully applied sales copy structures, golden web copy rules and more tricks of the trade.
I’m a level 2 seller with almost 700 reviews and 4.9 overall rating.
I know you may be thinking ‘what is she on about?’ I was back in Bulgaria visiting family for a while and as my geo location changed automatically, the orders stopped. And I don’t mean decreased. I mean stopped.
Impressions, views, clicks - everything else is there. Yet, no orders and no messages. FYI, before that I had about 3 orders daily (on average) and 3-4 messages.
I know I’m not native and I’ve never said I am. But all evidence points to the fact that I can write good (at least good, if not super-freakin-awesome) copy. And yet, all people care about is where you are.
I’m back in UK now and according to CS my location on the website will change automatically in a few days (apparently the system updates that ‘periodically’ and so it’s been showing wrong info for a few days now), but it hurts. Ya know. It m****** f****** hurts that you can do everything right and that’s what matters to people.
Is where you’re from the new ’ black or white’? The new ‘gay or straight’? Jesus, people!
I have other sources of clients of course, and do well on other platforms, so I am not that worried money-wise. But it sucks! Just a week ago I read a post about how people shouldn’t lie about where they’re from.
Well, that’s been proven wrong…


This is the very reason why so many sellers from South-Asian countries are using VPN NON-STOP to show they are from USA.


Well you are right. There are buyers whom I worked with and they didn’t notice at first from where I am. After their first order ( 5 star rating) they came back for second. While chatting, he came to know that I am from Pakistan. He simply didn’t reply after it even when he was about to place an order. He is still missing. So discrimination is here. I agree.


I’m British and I live in Greece. I sometimes wonder if that affects my sales. But, ya know. Their loss!


I don’t think it has to do with your location. I know a few sellers who are writers. They are from the UK but live in Greece, Malta and Sweden and they seem to get plenty of orders.

I offer German voice overs and I live in the US, I also get orders.

Maybe you want to play around with your gigs to see if it would make a difference.

It’s different when you’re native. Let’s put it this way: you can either be native, or live in an English speaking country.
I am familiar with how Fiverr works and as I said, all other stats look great. The only thing that has gone missing are the actual orders.

I so get that and I’m trying to understand people, but don’t the 700 positive reviews help? I couldn’t have possibly had my family write those… :slight_smile:


Different story but People tend to speak to me in their mother tongues and I reply with mine and they be like "did you just call me a pregnant mosquito"
Back to the main reason. I think why people ask where you are from is because they think that some parts of the world don’t know anything when it comes to something.


I understand your point and it might be true. I think it’s also your price and delivery time.

Did you ever try dropping your price and your word count just to see if it would attract more buyers?

Good for you. You should teach me confidence. Do you have a gig for that or do we meet outside of here? (shhh! Don’t tell the big bro)

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Unfortunately, some parts don’t. But when you do and you had the bad luck to be born in ‘the wrong place’… Hurts my feelings, man! If anything I had to work twice as hard to learn this language, didn’t I.
But oh well, I guess ranting about it here makes it all a bit better.

I’m gonna be honest with you.

When I open up your profile, I see this:
->A professional photo of a woman, who looks like a professional MODEL.
->Next thing I noticed was your location: Bulgaria.
->Then your name, which lead me to think oh she’s European, most probably she has an European accent.
-> I was then glancing over your gig images and more professional looking images

Now I’m thinking, is this real?
-> So now I glanced over at your profile description and now I am confused.

So you see my thought process?
Now, given, everyone will not think the same way, I tried to do this as neutrally as possible.

Another issue is, since the market is saturated with fake sellers who VPNs and uses professional looking FEMALE pictures plucked out of google search, those people are ruining credibility of people who indeed has similar profiles.


You know, thanks for that! That’s actually me on the profile pic. And you’re saying because I look good people think I’m a fake. That’s a valid point. No more model pictures for me. Changing them all tomorrow.


I know it was you, but yes, It looks TOO GOOD to be true! :wink:




Buyers? Discriminative? Some of them are – regardless of who you are and where you are from. They are like that on the streets they walk and this behaviour is even more pronounced when they are online.

If they are paying for something (like here and elsewhere), they are even more discriminatory. I am an Indian and I’ve been working online for 18+ years. I know this well enough.

The key is this: I rarely, if ever, faced it. I know of people who faced it, but I didn’t. I had instances when I had a “feeling” about it and I fired clients even before that ever happened.

But about “orders”, “ability to do business”, “making money” – nothing should stop you. Getting orders has nothing to with the “little” geo flag on your profile.

Yes, no orders and no messages? Promote yourself where you can. Do something. Take a step back and think and I am sure you’ll be too busy to respond to this.

Good luck.


Huh? I am from India and proud of it. Over 3000 orders in 3 years. No discrimination for me. Love Fiverr. India also doing very well under PM Modi!

(last sentence was added to annoy @emmaki )


To be honest, given the choice between a native English speaker and a non-native who studied (and has been certified as proficient in) English to write something in English, I’d probably go for the native, all other things being equal. It’s not discrimination or bias - it’s a logical feeling that the native will be better acquainted with the intricacies of the language. Just as I would go for a Bulgarian cook over a non-Bulgarian one to make me Татарско кюфте.


Hello Maya, you have a great record here and are very pretty. I noticed a run-on sentence in your profile and I’m not sure if anyone else would notice that but it might put some people off. It might be good to correct that, although it may not have anything to do with what you are asking.

I think people are just very careful about hiring writers here.


Racism and nationalism is ugly. But when Fiverr seems to remain basically silent about their platform being used to encourage racism and exploitation of school children, it’s not hard to see that once again …a good thing… get ruined by greed.

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To add to the important point made earlier, our stock markets hit historic highs today! (Okay, back to my articles.)

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