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Had to delete my Gig because i "copied" another seller's Gig's description


I’m new to Fiverr and i was extremely excited to share my passion to buyers, i made my two gigs and to be fair my first (Banner design) was very poorly made. I then made a second gig (Logo Design) which i was very proud of and i put a huge amount of effort into it. It’s almost been a month and i haven’t sold anything but i kept thinking to myself it takes time and responding to requests faster. I recently logged in to find that my second gig has been denied and has to be deleted (I assume as there are no other options), the reason being is that the description was “copied” from another seller. I’m a bit disappointed and to be honest, defeated.

P.S I don’t have backups of the logos i used to advertise my gig and will have to remake them.


Did you?

(Copy from another seller)


Nope. And that’s what really makes me mad.


Hello, sorry this happened to you!

I’m surprised your only copy of a logo you made was on your gig and not on the hard drive of your computer.


How could it be uploaded to Fiverr if it weren’t on the computer?


I’m trying to figure that one out.

Also it would sound like fiverr is now checking automatically before a gig is posted to see if it is a copy of another gig, something they have not done before.


That would seem to be a good thing!


Be original be who you are.


Good morning everyone. I think Fiver is checking gigs before they become public sice a lot of freelancers are complaining on other sites. I mean a lot. This is a great thing and keeps us all safe. As far as Jaytratto, two logos lost is nothing. I once lost all my files years ago from using a hacked windows version before semester was over. I re-did everything. Always have a backup…


Yeah, I know it’s weird but I deleted them because I never thought I would change my gig, so I thought it was pointless to have on my pc.


Sorry to hear that, and noted haha. (Backups)


I uploaded the files then deleted them… obviously


Oh right - it just seems strange you deleted them. Hope you get it sorted.


Yes well I thought up that description myself, I didn’t steal it if that’s what you are implying.


Well do, thanks for the reply.