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Had to turn down an order and mutually cancel... :(


I just received an order on one of my transcription gigs. The audio that was sent to me to transcribe was poor quality. There was way to much background noise and multiple speakers talking over each other. It would have been impossible for me to transcribe.

So, I had to refuse the order and offer a mutual cancellation. I hate doing this, but I had no choice. Without a decent quality audio or video, I cannot supply a quality, accurate transcription. :frowning:


Reply to @arnevb: Luckily, the buyer was understanding. He seemed disappointed, but not angered.


Reply to @arnevb: I’m not… I just hate I had to. It’s not something I like doing. But, I am a little worried because it is adding on to all the cancellations I already have. I have about 8 now in total. :frowning:


Reply to @prohelper27: That would depend on how many sales you have had


Reply to @ozzieuk: 44 completed - 8 cancelled. There is no way to know at what percentage Fiverr takes action on levels for cancellations. :confused: