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Had Tough time with Buyer


Had a tough time for about 2 weeks with a buyer. The buyer requirements increases after every 2 days and i need to implement it. Rather than that he misbehaves a lot today and I am so hurt.


You can report posts by the buyer if you think it’s necessary, eg. if they break the TOS. See violations section.
You also have the option of charging extra (adding an extra) if they are asking for lots of additional things that weren’t in the original requirements (if they won’t be covered by normal revisions), since they tick a box and say they have provided everything needed and that anything extra may be subject to additional costs.


I’m so sorry this is happening to you! You can always report them to customer support if you need to, and send screenshots of anything they say that is rude or improper.


Thank you so much. I was so upset because i have already covered my 17 order with so much good relation with the buyer. this was the first time the buyer keep pushing me and today he mishave. Although i am ok now and delivered his required perfect delivery.


I’m glad you’re ok now, but don’t let buyers push you, or they will remember that you’re someone they can easily abuse.


Thank you. Actually I work on fiverr for about 2 months and love to build buyer required apps. I like to make buyers happy so i always try to full fill all extra requirements. But i guess today was not my day. But i would like thanks all of you for giving me support. Thats why i love Fiverr family.