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Haha, cs said multiple times that i'm not out of search for 3 months


You should understand that all your stars, rating, changing keywords, number of regular customers, speed of response, conversations with cs mean absoulutely nothing on fiverr.
All these official guides and faqs about how to be succesful seller are total hypocrisy.

If fiverr decides that you are too succesfull - fiverr will stop you without any reason and you will be shadowbanned, like me.


What are your impressions like? And why would Fiverr stop you for being too successful? That makes no sense.

Now, I only tried searching for your “I will make this promo video with girl, add your logo” gig, but I was able to find it in search.


The search algorithm is constantly pushing new people in front. Sometimes they will push you too, other times they won’t. You have to realize that the number of sellers has doubled or even tripled here. So obviously there are changes coming to accommodate the large number of sellers right now

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what would be the logic of this … ?

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this gig was unpaused couple weeks ago, because i tryed to heal my acc.
my main selling gig is out of search, just try to find it.

What is the logic to delete my gig from search without any reason, when it recieved hundreds of 5stars reviews from january to march, when all online markets were grown 50% up during covid19? And then reply multiple times that it is “searchable”, when i asked many times people on forum try to find it and noone could? What is the logic to disable analytics for many months?
What is the logic to show on first pages gig’s with 1 star reviews? What is the logic to ignore/ban multiple threads where fiverr comunitty try to have conversation with someone from fiverr staff about random 1stars gigs?

your gig wasn’t deleted from search , it’s called gig rotation and it happens from time to time , I am here since 2013 and It happened each year , it’s normal… I dropped from first page to the last page then came back to the first page … and I don’t have hundreds of reviews… I have thousands

Ok, that sound so easy and cute.
Please, waste 10 secs and made a screenshot of my restoration gig on search page and attach it here.

Prediction: you will never do it, because you can’t find it. But please change my mind. Thank you.

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Hello @toner2d, I understand how you feel… over the time, I have not been able to see my gig in search too, but I have received messages from new clients, I even received new message yesterday. Like they have stated above, the number of sellers on the platform has triple or even quadruple because a lot of people lost their jobs due to the pandemic and they are finding means to survive hence the algorithm giving new sellers chance/exposure.

Don’t worry, just keep promoting your gig and in due time things will be better.


I searched “restore image” (which is what I’d type if I wanted to indeed restore the image). It’s not an ideal placement but it’s definitely there are only 6 pages to browse through (as opposed to standard 25).

PS I snorted when I saw Brezhnev of all people in your portfolio gallery.


It’s there in search results if you enter the gig title in the search box then filter by by category and your country. It might also be there without filtering but there are too many gigs in the “Photoshop Editing” category. Also there’s some sort of bug (I’d call it that) where it doesn’t show anything after around page 21 even if there are more pages of results. So if yours was after page 21 without filtering that’s why it doesn’t get shown.

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Page 6, row 7.


Is this true? Did Fiverr actually inform this? It does not make sense. If that is the case it will impact both Fiverr and the top sellers. I understand bringing new talents is good, but for people who make a lot of sales will have a big problem here. It’s like one moment you have orders and the next moment you don’t.

I know how you feel because i’m also facing this problem. This is a really hard time for me, for you and for many other sellers, who are on Fiverr for a long time. I tried many thing but nothing changed. My newest gig is even frozen ( no impression at all ).
Fiverr has too many sellers so they don’t even care about us.

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I have been working with fiverr since 2014 and recently discovered that all but one of my gigs had disappeared from search, and my username was gone as well; I was only receiving inquiries from prior clients. I wrote to CS. I do not know what the problem was, but within three days the problem was solved (I was told my gigs had been “restored”). I immediately began receiving new inquiries again, my previously invisible gigs were showing in the front couple of pages, and my username reappeared in the search. I have, with very few exceptions, found fiver CS to be responsive.

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“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate on a daily basis.”

This can be found here, under Gig Status, in the second drop-down.


thank you so much, this is very useful.

Very true. I had over 100k impression as at last year September 2019 and had earned $20,000 that same month expecting to be nominated for TRS. I was even given Fiverr Choice badge as at on the 11th of September thinking that by 15th I could get called for TRS nomination unknown to me that will mark the begining to the end of my sales and impression on Fiverr. By 17th all my gigs were taken to the last business plan search page Page 53. I had about 8 orders on queue then and I delivered all getting full 5 stars yet my gigs including my best seller never left the last pages. More like there was a force pulling my gig to remain on the last pages. No matter how many 5 stars I got I still remained fixed to the last pages not leaving between page 46 to 55. Till I stopped viewing after page 21. I experimented all I could but to no avail. September 2020 will mark 1 year being away from relevant search page. My income drastically gone. I had to massively slash my prices. So I totally agree with you. I now get one or two orders per month from buyers request page. Terrible experience I must say. I hope Fiverr gets better quickly.

Trust me, you get ranked on Fiverr only if you are American Seller. You can never see American sellers complaining their gigs missing in the search engine, even when it unusually happens, it gets fixed immediately. But for others Fiverr CS will continue telling you that everything is okay, you need to do more Social media promotion, gig rotation, provide quality service, bla bla bla as if that hasn’t been the case. The same people telling you gig rotation will boldly feature 2-3 gigs of a particular favored seller on the front page when others can’t even be lucky to have one of their gigs anywhere in the whole of the search engine.

completely false . .