Hai there! ❤


Also new here! Welcome to everyone else! I’m Lena and starting off with voice over. My equipment isn’t the best but have a few things ordered. The best advice I’ve gotten so far is to upgrade! jaja :happy: … I’d love some other tips, or how to expand here, what others do for material and demo tracks. - Anyway, I hope to see everyone around or be able to work with you.


Hi @dynamicteapot
Welcome to fiverr community


Hi!! how are you doing? I just checked your profile. you should add more 6gigs on your profile, and do social marketing daily, check buyer request and be active on Fiverr (Happy Freelancing)




Welcome back! Best of luck in Fiverr and may you have your first order soon!


Welcome to Fiverr :tada:


Why, Hello there! I hope you have a good time on Fiverr. I think Paul’s guide for new-sellers would be an amazing place to start on your Fiverr journey.


Thanks to all of you!

@sunnysum I’m well thank you. Hope you are aswell. That is great advice!

@hanshuber16 That is excellent, Thank you for providing a guide!

It’s very much appreciated! :smile:


Welcome to fam :heartbeat: let’s strat reading :wink:


Hii, Welcome to fiverr:grinning::bouquet:


Hi @dynamicteapot welcome to fiverr worldwide market :bouquet: