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Half-cocked buyer

Hello everyone,

I just had a buyer order a gig from me without even contacting me first to see if its possible and even if i am offering such a thing.
He just ordered a gig and said “Do it in low poly”.
I am offering low poly but description is visible and everyone can read it and see it and even if they dont understand it i would be happy to explain what i am offering.
I explained to him carefuly everything i do and he still didnt reply and i am not going to start to work on it.
What should i do? Did anyone else had this problem?

Best Regards

I guess I don’t understand at all. Your gigs clearly say in the title you do low-poly designs. You said the buyer ordered and asked for a low poly design. (Buyers don’t have to contact you first even if you state that it’s your preference.) Why is that a problem? Why aren’t you starting to work on it?

If the buyer told you what he wanted, just do what he asked and deliver it. if for some reason you don’t want the job, you can offer him a cancellation but I don’t see why you would do that. Am I missing something?

Well the problem is that he gave me a photo with a lot of people in it and i am only doing 1 person and not 30. It clearly says in the gig description that im doing 1 figure. I asked him to specify. Thats the only problem, otherwise i would be happy to do it ofcourse.

It’s in the buyer’s best interest to contact sellers before they order and to communicate with the seller. Sure they don’t HAVE to do so but the seller also doesn’t have to the job. This is a freelancing website people can pick and choose the various tasks they can take on. But buyers do need to communicate a bit to get things clarified as misunderstandings can happen. But as you said if it’s too much of a problem seller can offer mutual cancellation.

How much time did you get to do the task? Perhaps the buyer will contact you and clarify within enough time for you to complete the task. If not click mutual cancellation and explain your reasons for cancelling, before you run out of time.

I got 2 days, which is more than enough to do 1 person but this is just absurd. I will wait until tomorrow to see if he replies to my message, if not i will cancel the gig. And you said it right in the other comment that its in the buyers best interest to contact seller so there is no misunderstanding or anything like that. Im really sorry but its his fault he didnt read what i had to say in description…

OK, that makes more sense. You didn’t mention that in the OP. You can just send him an extra with the amount you would charge and see if he accepts. If he doesn’t, then I would cancel, personally.

It’s just important for a new seller to know that CS won’t usually force a cancellation over whether or not the buyer contacts first. If the seller asks for contact in the gig description, then it is in the best interest of the buyer. (Not all sellers want to be dontacted first, though.)

It’s true that sellers don’t have to do the job, but there are repercussions that new sellers should be aware of. If a mutual cancellation is offered but the buyer declines, it can go back and forth a while and turn into a problem in some cases. If the buyer doesn’t respond to the cancellation request then the gig is auto-cancelled, but that does raise a seller cancellation rate which can slow down or stop the leveling process. Non-responsive buyers are tough.

So i just make an extra in my gig and i tell him to order it if he wants to be done, right? Thats actually a pretty good idea in my situation right now. Its not like im here to decline orders, but they do need to be careful when they order something. Thanks!

Not in your GiG. In your order page.

I think if your buyer filled up required information, you should start working on the order. Buyers often do not contact. They place their orders and go.

cancel the order

You should consider perhaps adding the last line in your description “Contact me before ordering a gig so we can see it through and not rush into anything.” At the top, and put it in bold. Maybe reword it so it doesn’t sound like something from a dating site, make it stand out. Because it sounds like someone contacting you is where the process should start.

just my opinion though.


It makes sense. Thanks for the tip!

Oh i see now. Thanks!

Imagine if you were electrician for example. And the only thing you do is put new light bulbs, for example again. And a customer contacts you and tells you to come to his/her house so you can change the light for $5 but then when u come there they want the wires in the house changed for the same amount of money. What would you do?

It is simple. It happened with me once. One buyer bought my basic gig with all extras for 30$ and filled up the information. I was supposed to write 2500 words for two gigs (extras were for extra features). I messaged the buyer politely explaining that I only write 275 words for two gigs and sent extra offer of 100 dollars. Buyer accepted it. So you should sent him a message, an offer for extra and a cancellation request and explain your reason.

I checked your gig. You should use extra features and write add one more figure for $5 (or whatever your price is). You have not given any option to the buyer. Think of buyer as well before assuming one is half-cocked.

Hi, can I offer my 2 cents. I would reword your gig: the part that says make it faster and easier for me to do my job. TBH the buyer won’t CARE how hard your job is. But they WILL care how good a job and how fast a job you do for THEM. So I would rephrase that to something like

“ensure that I can deliver the highest quality job in the fastest time to you” or “to make sure that your end product will kick ass / be fantastic / be exactly what you envisaged”.

You need them to understand that you are not a mind reader and if they don’t tell you what they want they are risking being disappointed. But I wouldn’t mention anything about making your life easier. It doesn’t read well.

and in your gig as well for future.

You need to include in your Gig description " CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER" but still some buyers place order when they boldly see the instructions. A buyer placed an order without prior contact and i immediately contacted the buyer but the buyer failed to reply, i had to send a half done document to stop the order from going ridiculously late and thereby affecting my Rating…You guys should try that too…