Hallo. i am new seller.. see my gig... and please ur advice




try to create a gig video :sunglasses:


ok thanks for the suggestion


You also need to realize that there are hundreds of sellers offering image editing services. With so much competition, why should people purchase YOUR services?

Don’t expect sales if you aren’t willing to overcome the competition, and stand out from the crowd. You don’t deserve sales just because you have a gig – you EARN sales because you can prove that you are great at what you do.


Spruce up your gig images - they’re kinda on the bland side. Your gig is about photo editing, so it’s time to make your images pop!


You have probably the most enticing Photoshop gig I’ve seen lately. Like Jon says, it’s a super crowded category.

While I like your gig description and the before/after picture of the girl, I would love it if the writing looked less amateurish. Also, the brown gig image background looks…amateurish. Your profile image isn’t helping. Instead of using just words to imagine the Eiffel Tower underwater, how about showing us in a video?

In the end, Jon is right. If anyone is ever going to make a living Photoshopping images on Fiverr, they’re probably already doing it.


I know that the competition is very much, but I believe in my ability … so how can I get the first order?


You can gain your first order by finding ways to stand out from your competition. :wink:


ok thanks mr.jonbass


Thanks for the suggestion mr.selfors, I will try to change my gig again…


i will join to fiver but my speaking english bad…you can help me??? please…


yes, i will try to help you as much as i can …
ask what you want to ask