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Halloween Quiz - Question Four


If you have already answered the giveaway question on Facebook (http://■■■■■■/MutscG), you can still try your luck with today’s bonus question.

Answer the question correctly in the comments below and you can stand a chance to win $40 in Fiverr credit.


Six (6) Colors (~~)


There are 25 colors of M&M’s, The common bag only comes with 6 but that’s not how many colors they come in.


Six. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, Orange.

Third time lucky, hopefully. (~~)

Edit: Fourth?


6 regular colors plus 22 custom colors

The current M&M’s 6 colours are:

red, yellow, green, brown, orange, blue




In the UK Bags of M & M’s there are 6 colours ! (Just bought some to check) (~~)


We will go with 6 yummy colors!


^opps! How do I remove one image?


On the m&m’s site, it says, “Pick from 25 Colors” so I’ma go with 25.


Reply to @madmoo: I think the lack of replies is because the “The Halloween Quiz begins! You could win a $40 Fiverr credit by answering this question” message hasn’t been linked to this thread. It still directs you to the last one.


Congrats @rinchan86 for winning this question. We were also shocked to discover that the answer is 25 (according to the M&M website).

Congrats, your prize is on its way.