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Halloween Quiz - Question Two


If you have already answered the giveaway question on Facebook (http://■■■■■■/tUrwLG), you can still try your luck with today’s bonus question.

Answer the question correctly in the comments below and you can stand a chance to win $40 in Fiverr credit.


She was 21 years old.


She was 21 but that is an easy question. Does anyone know what she kept in her desk., if you are squeamish don’t go searching for the answer.

  1. :smiley:


She started the book when she was 19 and the book was anonymously published when she was 21! {please pick me!!} :slight_smile:


She was about 19 years old




she was 21 when it was published


She was born in 1797, it was published in 1818. So she was 21 When she PUBLISHED Frankenstein. She was actually 19 going on 20 when she WROTE it.




I’ll go with 19, as the question asks the age she wrote it.


Ah, tricky thing with 19 going on 20 thing when she wrote it…

If it’s just one number you’re looking for I’m going with 19 though.






21 , published.


she was 19 when she wrote it




I concur. The message is authentic. 19 years old.


19 years old


Actually, Mary Shelly is an avid time traveler, and fought for the rights of our grandchildren in the great schism of 2162.

The answer is 7.