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Hand-drawn artwork vectorization GIG PROMO

IMPORTANT NOTE – I am fully aware of saturation in the logo and GD category, but this GIG I created is part of my business strategy.


Please read the post text before commenting.

My OBS overlay GIG OBS OVERLAYS is selling well, and I am on the first pages if you search for anything OBS related. But, in every order I did, I was approached with buyers who have their logos only in PNG format.

I explain to them that I can not use PNG, and the results will not be HD if I use PNG, the logo has to be vectorized.

So in every order I did so far under OBS gig, I had to include vectorization as extra, and I do not have that option in my description, so I decided as a business strategy to create a GIG exclusively for that. Now I can add options to my OBS clients that do not have a logo in PNG.

I believe that anyone who offers logos in PNG as final delivery should be banned from the GD category.

REMEMBER!! LOGO = VECTOR. No discussion.

Since logo vectorization is overcrowded, I decided that my GIG is going to cover that, but the emphasis is going to be on vector tracing of hand-drawn artwork.

So if you need or want your handwork art to be preserved in HD computer format, this is the place for you.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me in the inbox, and if you are willing to check my GIG and give suggestions for improvement, please do so.

Thank you.

My name is Marina , and art in any form is MY PASSION !

I love hand-drawn art, but I feel that some art deserves to be traced to a vector format✔️, so it has an opportunity to shine even more and reach more viewers around the world.

:arrow_right: It is highly unlikely that printing or marketing agencies will accept PNG as a good quality photo for marketing and printing purposes.

:heavy_check_mark: THEY NEED VECTOR, SO YOU NEED VECTOR! :heavy_check_mark:

#handdrawingtovector #logotovector #logotracing #vectortracing #vectorization

Kind regards.