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Hand Drawn Logos and Graphics

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Fiverr and I have a few graphic design related gigs that I’ve just posted. I would appreciate any feedback on them! I’m hoping to polish these up a bit more and then add some more gigs.

Hand Drawn Vector Art/Logos -

Logo/Graphic Design -

Would love to help anybody out if any of you needs these services. I could use some help with promoting my gig if there is anyone out there offering that as a service. I would like to get things rolling here on Fiverr quickly!

Hoping to get to know many of you soon, and for my first Fiverr Gig sale!
Matt - mxidigital


i like your art is for the first time that a find a quality from that level on fiverr !! keep up nice stuff !!

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Thank you very much jmaxsportmascot! I really appreciate it… let’s hope buyers think so too!

Nice! I can see the talent! Welcome to Fiverr and wish you lots of success. :slight_smile:

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Two more gigs up! Vector tracing and video animation and assets! Check em out!!!

Vector tracing -

Video animation and assets -

(quick question for those of you that have been around a while - Can I get those sharing short links that are generated after posting a new gig after the fact? When I go to share it gives me these long urls above… I’d rather have the shorter ones that I didn’t save after publishing my gigs.)