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Hand drawn unique logo design

Hi everyone, just a quick question. As a buyer, if a seller offers a ‘hand drawn, unique logo design’, should I expect a ‘unique’ drawing? Or should it be easily located online and is clearly done by someone other than the seller? In this case, they can’t offer me ‘unique’ because the drawing is available online for anybody to use! What are your thoughts? Thanks for any input.


Welcome to the forum!

This sounds like a specific scenario you’ve encountered. That is certainly not right, especially if (as is quite likely) the seller is utilizing art they don’t have rights to use. I would suggest pointing it out the seller and ask for a revision. If they get defensive, don’t care, or pass on more work that’s not their own, bring it to Customer Service’s attention and they should be able to help you.

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Hi wooden-fish, thanks for the welcome and quick reply. I’ve brought it to her attention, she’s very defensive. I’ve checked the legalities of the art, it seems that it’s available for commercial use, so she’s probably not breaking copyright laws (I’m not an expert!). However, I don’t think that’s the point. I should be paying for her work, not something from the internet. I’ll question her a bit further and take it to Customer Service as you suggested. Thanks again! Have a great weekend!


The thing is: commercial rights are very tricky. Even if she bought commercial rights to resell it (which I highly doubt), you also would need to buy commercial rights for that art to use it.

I would make it very clear to her that you don’t want to deal with any copyrighted materials, that it’s against fiverr tos to sell copyrighted materials and you want her to revise your design and create an original work that is not from the internet and created by herself.

Or you can just reach out to customer support directly and ask fiverr to cancel the order because she used copyrighted material without acknowledging you.

Hi mariashtelle1,
Thanks so much to taking the time to reply. I was just shocked that she would even use someone else’s work, considering what she’s offering for sale. It’s uncool, and it’s really made me reluctant to use anyone I don’t personally know for my art requirements.

I’ve had the order cancelled, Customer Support were great and very understanding of the situation. However, the seller is a bit strange and she’s sent me a message today asking me why I cancelled the order and if I’d still like the logos she’s made for me!

Thanks again for your reply! Have a great weekend! Cheryl

Unfortunately, you cannot really put all your trust in a seller when you are working with them for the first time. I am sure there are MANY professional sellers on Fiverr who offer excellent services/products. However, there are also some scammy sellers (like the one you just worked with) who will try to cheat, swindle, etc. It’s up to the buyer to thoroughly vet sellers before zeroing on someone they would like to work with.

If you want, you can block them, and they will no longer be able to contact you.

Have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:

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Yes, you should.

Now, if the price is way too low (hand drawn, unique logo designs do take time to create, so they can’t be $5 or something like that), it is unlikely that you would receive it.

Some sellers do that. They don’t really understand what copyright is, and “hand drawn” and “unique” are just words that get buyers to buy, not something that they actually deliver.


Hi hanshuber16,
Yes, it looks like you can’t trust people you don’t know :frowning: Or maybe I’m just naive.

Well, lesson has been learnt :slight_smile: Thanks for your advice about vetting sellers - I thought I had but obviously not well enough!

I’ll block her, thanks for that, I didn’t think of it.

Have a nice weekend too! :slight_smile:

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Hi catwriter,

Thanks for replying. I think I’m just a bit shocked that people would offer something they can’t deliver, and therefore use other people’s work! As I mentioned in another reply here, I think I’m a bit naive!

I’m an honest person, and expect others to be honest too. I guess it’s not the case. I should know that at my age!

Thanks again and have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

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