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Handing over credentials

I’m using fiverr for the first time and I have agreed with my seller that he will work on my Wordpress website. He’s requesting that I send over credentials for my hosting platform (hostgator) to begin working. Is this the correct procedure?

If you’re asking the seller to install a new instance of Wordpress then yes, the seller will need your hosting credentials.

If they’re working on an existing Wordpress installation they’ll need login details for Wordpress - it would be up to you to give them your existing admin details, or setup a new user profile for them to use.

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Isn’t it dangerous to give over credentials? My account has my credit card on it, couldn’t they just take my account?

How else are they going to install Wordpress for you?

You need to weigh up the potential risk of giving your account details to somebody you’ve hired to to a task for you. If you’re not happy with that risk, then you need to do it yourself I’m afraid.

If you don’t want to give them hosting access, then install Wordpress yourself so you only give the seller access to the Wordpress installation.