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Handling order disputes and chargeback protections?

Hello! Hope you‘re all doing well.

I have a troublesome buyer who opened order disputes on all 4 of his orders with me, saying that my deliveries weren‘t up to his standards. I‘m confident that I followed his requirements and offered multiple revisions. However, he refused and insisted on canceling the orders. His reason was that the quality was different from the samples I sent. I do content writing the articled I delivered all had the same writing style, tone, etc. because, I mean, I wrote it.

At this point, I honestly believe that he‘s just trying to milk money out of me so there‘s that.

Based on previous discussions here, sellers are protected by Fiverr‘s chargeback program and if I recall correctly, TOS also prohibits order cancellations based on quality of service delivered.

“Fiverr Has Your Back! In cases where the service was completely provided, Fiverr will protect you from fraud chargebacks. The funds will be added back to your account, and after seven days, you will be able to withdraw the funds. Most importantly, it will not affect your cancellation rate.”

“Orders are not eligible to be canceled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.”

I‘ve opened up a ticket with CS but am a bit fearful that they won’t respond in time due to COVID and skeletal staff.

Anyway, MAIN QUESTION - should I accept or decline the buyer‘s order dispute? I‘m a bit unsure how to go about this and whether accepting/declining will immediately make me ineligible for the chargeback.

Sorry for the ton of info here, by the way! Just wanted to get all the facts in as I know cases like this are based on context. Thanks in advance!

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Decline … and set some boundaries. The first time might have been ok … the second time is more than a coincidence.

Keep an eye out for this “buyer” using your cancelled orders on their site - basically, they’re getting free work from you and you need to put a stop to it.

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There’s not much Fiverr can do about chargebacks (if it does come to that) since the buyer would be going through PayPal or their credit card company to flag the purchases as “fraud” and get their money back. In that case, both you and Fiverr lose the money.

I’ve heard that, in some cases, Fiverr will partially compensate orders cancelled this way. Not always though.

Just keep rejecting any request to cancel until CS responds. The orders aren’t late (even though it might say so on the order itself), so the buyer can’t cancel on their own.

I hope everything works out for you.

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