Handmade blank book gig


Hello, pleas cancel the order because my boyfriend had a accidence and broke his both arm :frowning:

Sory Tea


Simon- Okay we’ve processed your request using our "osmosis system-powertron 3000."

Your gig should cease to exist in less than three years. Please be aware that surcharges may apply.

They may include, but are not limited to, the following: Finder fee,buyer fee, adjustable sliding scale tax, order preservation tax, breathing fee, suggestion tax, Hugh grant hair tax, Brazilian mail order bride money order laundering fee, mafia tax…uh we mean…garbage fee and the obvious reverse-donkey punch- animal maintenance tax.

Please give your account info to any email inquiries you receive involving exotic princes- - and the chance to make more money. It’s really us disguised as a spam bot watching you through your web cam device. We’re on you like white on rice-homey.


Big Brother.