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Handmade Illustrations and grapics


Can anyone pls tell me how to make a portfolio in fiverr. I am a new user and I really can’t undertsd how to proceed .


I linked you in your other thread the places to help you.

Read these:


Can u pls guide me about how do I post my drwan pictures in fiverr . And shall I post the pictures by taking photo of it caz dy r hand drawn . I will b obliged if u guide me . Thank u .


Did you read ALL that was in the links that I sent you? Because the second link will answer your question.


Yes i have read it still I can’t find d sellers form to fill it up and th proceed further


at the end of making at gig it will ask you to attach photos and videos etc.

It is STEP FIVE in the bottom link I sent you that you stated you read.


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