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Handover of Mobile APP code

hello, the developer is completing my project soon, what important files should i expect to receive from the freelancer on handed over after a completion of an ionic mobile apps including back end and database? thanks in advance.

Wait, you don’t know what kind of files are needed for your own project? Shouldn’t you get informed before you start looking for freelancers? How do you know you chose the right seller if you don’t know what it’s needed for your project? :astonished:


Thanks for the answer, I would say I know what is the end product, but I don’t know the technical files that this product need to put together to work. For picking the freelancer, that is why we have the reviews, no?
So any input?

I’m not talking about the seller reputation, but the services they provide and their ability. If you don’t know the technical files needed for your project, how do you know they’re the ones who can provide you with the right files you’re looking for?

This reminds me of those buyers who make sellers go crazy because they don’t know exactly what they want or what they need and end up complaining upon delivery simply because they don’t know enough about their own project to tell if the seller did a good job or not.

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I disagree with you, but that doesn’t matter.