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Handpicked service

Hello guys,
I hope all are doing well…
I have a question, what is handpicked service that Fiverr suggests to us? how can I use this facility from Fiverr to increase my gig sales?

Handpicked means handpicked. The dictionary tells you you can’t unless you’ve been… handpicked.

The word is sales, not sell.

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Well, that’s not the proper answer of my question, Please read the post properly before you reply, I am not asking about handpicked, I am asking about hand picked service what’s the service and how can I use that service…

I do understand.

Handpicked means there’s nothing you can do to get it. It means that Fiverr hand picks you.

You’re under the impression that you can join something or do something to be handpicked. You can’t, hence the term handpicked.