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Handpicked services just for you

a tab often pop up on bottom right corner that says “hand picked services for you”
every time gigs are change, why my gigs are not appearing in that category? please solve my confusion on which basis gigs are added to that category

Your gigs are likely not appearing in that category because they aren’t being hand-picked by Fiverr.


Why would you assume Fiverr would put you in the handpicked category and that if they didn’t something must be wrong? The ego and entitlement!

I’m wondering if you know what handpicked means. The “basis” of handpicked is that they are handpicked…


on which basis gigs are handpicked on base of reviews??

What is the point of this question? What would you be able do if I could answer it? Nothing. If it’s handpicked it’s handpicked. Getting great reviews wouldn’t change that or make you more likely to be handpicked.

This is neither something we can answer, nor something Fiverr is likely to make known. You don’t need to have a “hand-picked” gig in order for that gig to be successful. Focus one what YOU can do to become a better, not what you think someone else can do for you. You are responsible for the success of your gig. Neither Fiverr, nor anyone else is going to make that happen for you.


Fiverr should take out that “just for you” part" of it. They’re probably a hand-picked collection of gigs but not just for 1 specific person/buyer.

eg. I got a message from Fiver a couple of years ago saying “The designer of the Apple logo hand-picked these just for you” when I really doubt that :roll_eyes: the same recommendations will have been sent out to lots of people if he has hand picked some. It would take a long time for him to hand pick some for each of the thousands/millions of Fiverr users/buyers.

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