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Handraw, lettering, calligraphy


Good Evening People!

I’m a graphicdesigner and i want to invite to see my gig, naturally if you want it.
I’m able to make amazing lettering with tag name, your name, phrases, calligraphy in different style.



Seriously, this is not calligraphy.

It deeply upsets me that you call this calligraphy. Not only this is far from being calligraphy you are also misleading your clients. And that wouldn’t help you to get any sales. Check other sellers calligraphy gigs and you’ll see that the quality of your gig doesn’t stand any chance. Buyers will just order from more professional and more attractive gigs. You at least need to work on quality, marketing and presentation of your gig.

Calligraphy is an old art of letterforms and started with quill, ink and nibs. And it looks like you dont even use the basics of calligraphy ( accender, descender, upstrokes and downstrokes)