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Hanging out waiting for a "real" buyer request, so let's visit

I am one job away from receiving my Fiverr level one badge, so I have been hanging out on Fiverr most of the day hoping I can pick up a Buyer Request and get my badge. However, ugh 85 to 90% of the posts have been from sellers posting their gigs! However, I have enjoyed hanging out on the forum and posting here. Also, I am learning a lot about how Fiverr works. More new sellers should hang out here instead of making posts like, “Please help me to get more gigs.” What amazes me is the advice so many of the regulars pass on to these people and how patiently they do it.

So to break the boredom and see how it works, I decided to post a $5 Buyer Request myself. One that is a job and not a request to book my gigs. That should be interesting.


Wow, I did not know it would take so long for a buyer request to go through. I wrote one up, filled in the form and such and now I am waiting for it to be approved. It is interesting to see what the buyer has to do before a Buyer Request can appear.

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If this “approval” process was a real thing the buyer request section would close to empty considering most of it is trash


Yeah … when I usually post on BR it takes about 10 hours to become approved. Sometimes more! They take a while :thinking:

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I was wondering how the sellers who are trying to sell through buyer requests get through the buyer request approval process. I wrote a request for a $5 gig that should be fairly easy and quick to complete thinking it would be done by tomorrow. Here it is nearing the end of the day and it still has not posted. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hope you get a buyer soon :blush::sparkling_heart:

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Apparently, I think they do it through their ‘buyer account’. It’s not fair. They get theirs through but when you do it, you get declined. I think you might want to be careful because you might lose your chance of getting a level 1 badge. I have experienced something like this…

I am not looking for a buyer. Buyer requests are where buyers post jobs they want to be done by sellers. I posted for one over 5 hours ago. It still has not been approved. You are not supposed to post for jobs YOU want to get on Buyers Requests.


Oh ok. Good. I am sure they will approve it. If by any chance they decline it, contact CS.

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People on Fiverr can be a buyer and a seller. Moreover, if a Fiverr account holder wants to hire someone to do a job for them, it is entirely okay to do that. Also, the job is listed through the Buying tab and then go to post a request. I posted a request because some regulars have suggested we do so on the forum. As it is a way to see what the buyers do when they post for jobs. It will also help me as a seller know the process a buyer goes through to pick a seller too. I want to understand how Fiverr works from both sides, seller, and buyer.


Um, you got this backwards, Vickie.

Buyer’s Requests are where buyers post jobs they want to be done & where sellers bid. :slight_smile:


I like this idea. May I ask what you have requested someone to do? In fact, hold on, I’ll see if I can find you and if I can offer what you are looking for. This way, you can tell me why no one ever accepts my pitch…:slight_smile:

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So I did! :flushed: Oops, I will edit it now. I do not want to be the cause of a hard of sellers posting on Buyer Requests. :dizzy_face: :rofl: Not that the unscrupulous ones need an excuse. And good morning @gina_riley2 . I have 28 sellers vying fory my $5 gig. I have to choose one. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Can you draw caricatures? I hope you do find it. I want to see/read your pitch. Maybe I will learn something. :wink:

I’m afraid not and because of that, your BR doesn’t appear to me. This is good, though, as my drawing is abysmal.

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Yes, I want it for my profile or one of my gigs, I do not need:

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Actually, I just had a quick go and I don’t think I’m that bad…

What do you think?

I think it’s got potential from a surrealist perspective. In either case, have this one me. :slight_smile:


Is that supposed to be me??? :confounded:


It depends, do you want it to to be? I didn’t have a picture to work with. In this case, I just tried to draw a generic fabulously attractive person who clearly, no one would hesitate to buy from. :slight_smile:


At first I thought it was a pic of a Picasso.