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Happiest Moment at fiverr

If it’s been long time you are part of fiverr, recall your whole time.Really don’t know the feeling others but getting your “FIRST CUSTOMER” must be the happiest moment at fiverr. Yeah sadly by the time we do forget the one who bought your first service. But he is the man who gave you kick to begin…

My first clients wanted a lot for very little lol, and I delivered because I was new. In fact they were so happy they wanted me to continue to do the work which was a lot of work for very little but after a few orders I stopped, because it was uneconomical. That’s how we start hehe! at the bottom and gradually establish ourselves!

Lol same sort of experience with most of people…

I remember my first buyer and the first video that I prepared :smiley:
It’s one of the memorable moments of my life because it was the start of my Free Lancing life

Unlike my first love, my first customer is forgettable.

Mind you, your first awful customer is always memorable!

I do remember my first ever customer online though. It was 2006 and I was AMAZED that people would pay me to write important stuff for them. $200, too. It seemed like a huge amount of money and anything was possible.

I remember my first One. He was a very Great man. He gave me very Clear Instructions and Answers me Clearly and on the First Attempt it was accepted. :slight_smile:

Ah haha I remember getting my first sale and being so excited! I think one thing that always elicits feelings of excitement in me is remembering my first big sale. I made about $100 on it and it really opened my eyes to the earning potential on Fiverr.

Also, I was jumping for joy when I hit level 2 seller so that’s worth mentioning as well!

wao it would be so much fun to get 100 bucks just for one job…

It happens more often than you may realize. Successful sellers often complete orders well above the basic $5. If you have a good service that people are looking for, and a strong seller reputation, buyers are more likely to hire you for larger projects.

I still remember my first customer. She was from UK and she gave me a headstart here now I’m successful :slight_smile:

Yup! Exactly what Jon said. I didn’t get too many orders like that early on into my Fiverr career, but the more orders I completed and the more good reviews I received, the more people contacted me about larger projects.