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Happiness but need more increase


Have a good day
I’m 2 level seller here. I have completed 550+ reviews and 600+ project.
How can develop my account and more sell?





Thank you so much Brother




So, I glanced at your profile and you’ve made several sales recently. You have stronger overall analytics than the average forum newbie and you have had much more success than most people who resort to the forum for general advice. There are some higher levels posts here with ideas that might benefit you. Look for the UPYOUR series, for example.

Overall, though, you are already doing well enough that if you want to make your business a lot stronger you probably need to start reading some books on marketing. Perhaps you could improve your skills so that you could charge more instead of selling more volume, or you could add to your skillset and offer more gig types.


@tariqulgm Congratulation bro :hugs::hugs:


Hello tariqulgm

1 congratulation for you success


First of all thank you for importance reply.
it’s very helpful information for me.

Thank you so much!


Thank you so much Bro