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Happiness is when your gig get featured at Fiverr homepage. :)


I am very happy that my main gig present at Homepage page feature gig section from last 24 hours.

I am very excited :slight_smile:


OK, this is weird: how come the “featured” tag doesn’t show up anywhere, like on no category whatsoever?

Is it displayed just for some people using Fiverr? Because on my side of things no gig has that featured tag:

Compare OP’s first gig in that image with what I see:

No featured tag! Is there a special place where one goes to see featured gigs? For I can’t find one…


welldone bro…:grinning:


@Woofy31 According to my observation.

1- First Row at home page is alloted to feature gigs which shuffles in every 10 15 minutes or may be after 1 hour but below 2 rows last at least for 24 hours ( without feature tag ) as you can see above in my screen shot mine gig.

2 : Now feature badge visible when you open a specific user profile then you will see anybody gig having feature badge or when you will see gigs at homepage section only .

You won’t see gig at any category or in any search showing badge. Plus now feature gigs are not visible at top of the row in every specific category in searches

so that what I observed from my days after the feature badge freezes .


Thanks you so much .


welcome bro…:.grin: