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Happiness level when you got TIP more than orders actual cost


Hi fiverrers!
I hope you all are fine and safe in your houses!
Just wanna share a good experience with a great buyer.

What will be Your feelings when you got an order of $10 and buyer gave you $10 TIP with 5-stars and you did that work in just 2-hours… looks awesome :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :yum: and buyer won’t stop here so place another order of $10 and gave you $15 TIP this time and you did that work in just 1-hour… Then you will definitely wait to listen from him again :smile: :sweat_smile: :relaxed:

Skill: audio or video transcription

Most important; Ways to learn new things

To see review:

Ignore: My English
Please stay home, stay safe.
Thank YOU!!!


Actually i didn’t understand your happiness. Totally new in Fiverr. By the way, Congratulations for your work. Do work fast, serve the buyer according to their choices.

that is a big deal :clap:

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:clap: :clap: Keep up the good work.