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Happiness of getting First Order

It was night time around 2:30am. I was online on Fiverr sending my almost 80th buyer request. Suddenly I got a notification from one buyer from Morroco. You even can’t imagine my level of happiness yet I hadn’t got any order from him. I talked about price with him and finally we settled on $10. I woke my mom at 3 am to tell her about that. She was also happy and started giving blessings to me. That night, I couldn’t sleep and on next day, I cleared my order with 5 star ratings.

And now, almost after 2 month I’m here. Hoping to get more success on it to help my family.

It is awesome experience going on Fiverr and I’m happy to contribute my family financially. :slight_smile:

Share your story of getting FIRST ORDER.


Although I’m critical of buyer requests (due to the massive time effort you have to invest to win an order), your story is inspirational and heart warming.

I can tell how much this means to you and your family. Well done :slight_smile:


There is any other way to get orders? …

Congratulation… Always active on pc, regularlysend all buyer request mostlt late night buyer request.carry on…


I’ve been registered since 2014 but only got my First order on the 14th of May after sending numerous buyers request I mostly stayed online it helped me.
I wish you the best of Luck. :pray:

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Congrats towards success journey on fiverr. :pray:


Wow :slightly_smiling_face:.i am also waiting for my first order