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Happy 4th of July - Happy Independence Day USA!

Hey USA sellers and buyers!!

Here are our love from Sri Lankan sellers and buyers for your Independence day! :slight_smile: Independence day is one of the most celebrated events across the globe. Every nation (country) has its own day of independence. It is the day when a state had taken birth or have got freedom from the colonial rules. Citizens of the country await this day with eagerness as fourth of July is their hard earned success. :slight_smile:

May this Independence Day fills your life happiness and prosperity. Wishing you the warmest wishes on this Independence Day from Sri Lanka!! :slight_smile:

Thank you!
Have a great day! :slight_smile:

Happy independence Day from Indian sellers too…Have a good day!

Thank you all so much! We have lots of loud fireworks going on all night on every July 4th to imitate the four years of war we fought with the British. Very loud!

Pity the movies coming out on July 4 this year are not so good. Heard that the sequel to Independence Day is a dud without Will Smith.

Now it’s all over! :slight_smile: Have peace with no racism with you all. May good bless you. :slight_smile:


The noise scared away all the birds and animals I feed. Hoping they will be back soon.
edit: they were all back this morning.

Wow!! You are feeding animals? :slight_smile: It’s great!! Nice to hear it. :slight_smile: What are the animals you feed? :slight_smile: