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Happy Autumn. Hopefully here comes a busy selling time


Since Autumn started today and the stores are now filling up with fall decorations, (that means the Christmas stuff will be up in some stores in 2-3 weeks) that should hopefully mean a spike in sales for many. Good luck!

Happy spring to our friends down under.


We’ve had the Christmas stuff in the shops for the last month or so - far too early!

Happy Autumn to you too! :fallen_leaf:


Fall is definitely my fave season. Now it’s time to pull out my cardis, uggs and other fashionable boots. :boot: :boot: :fallen_leaf:


Is it wrong that I love summer? My all-time fave!

True, not many orders, but time for myself:


This is nice!

Where I live: Spring is here!
Where I´m from: Every month is summer nonstop.

Crazy world


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Hey! Gracias Gracias Gracias haha