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Happy Belated Birthday to beloved moderator Annai80! 🍰💝😉


First I wished her happy birthday too early, now I am too late - however - it’s the thought that counts!

Special thanks to seller @gloriahass for the custom duet!

(from Eoin too!)


Love the pooch’s big finish!
Belated happy birthday Anja!


Hahaha, happy birthday. Oooooohhhhh.


Happy Birthday, Anja! :sunny::cake::tada::cocktail:


Happy Birthday! :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy birthday! :smiley_cat::balloon::gift:


Happy Birthday! :balloon: :grinning:


I was almost expecting him/her to sing the lyrics. :eyes:



OH my goodness :joy: this is so sweet. Thank you so much guys. Totally made my day.


This will be the longest thread on the forum with

:one: :zero: :zero: :zero: Happy birthdays!!! :slight_smile:

:fireworks: :sparkler: :birthday: :tada::confetti_ball: !!!

On my phone, otherwise, I’d give you a proper birthday upload! :sparkling_heart:


Love it! :star_struck: :cake:

@annai80 Don’t forget to give the singing :star: a BDAY doggy treat!


Happy Born Day Anna, শুভ জন্মদিন :birthday:



Happy birthday @annai80 I hope your new age comes with health and happiness :smiley:



SO glad you loved it!!


I already did that! Glad you liked our Happy Birthday video!


Milla, she does try and sing the words.




Happy birthday! :tada::tada::tada:


:balloon::gift::boom: Happy, healthy, exceptional, rocking birthday to @annai80.