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Happy Birthday Jon!


Happy Birthday from Tokyo!

Sorry I’m typing this message using my office PC so I can’t draw anything fancy for you,
but at least I can send some good birthday vibes.
It might take a few hours to reach you, but if you feel something fuzzy and warm around you,
you know what it is. :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

Have a good one!!


I agree! *takes a bite * :yum:


Happy birthday, Jon! :smiley_cat:



Thank you! And no worries about the art. None needed. I’m a fan of hugs just as much as custom artwork. :wink:

Oh, and as for the hours to reach me, that answer would be two. According to the forum timestamp, I read you birthday greeting two hours after you posted it. You can blame an awesome client – I was completing and delivering his order during those two hours. :wink:

Warm and fuzzy. It is cold in my part of the world. Warm and fuzzy is always welcome. :slight_smile:


Thank you Cat… and cats. :wink:


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Jon!


Thank you. :slight_smile:

In response to the question on your graphic… I am older than 20, but younger than 60. :wink:


Happy Birthday to you JON :birthday:


Ha Ha! Very nice answer.


Happy Birth Day Jon.
Your honest and straight forward guidance is always inspirational.
Wish you a happy day!

Are your Fiverr Sales down?

Happy birthday @jonbaas :smiley:


Happy Birthday Jon! I wish you all the happiness with your family and all the success with your business. :smile: :birthday:

Also, I wish you much more “how to market your gig” posts. :smile:


Happy Birthday once again, you… you Jon, you! The more birthdays, the merrier :blush:

That really needs to change - it’s not fair towards the celebrated ones to not see that it’s Their birthday in Their timezone no matter what timezone the rest of us are in :stuck_out_tongue:


From @vickiespencer :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m not done yet…

Here’s the cake. :cake:

Now blow out your :cake: candles.


With Love,
Nika :butterfly:


:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: The video is a sweet touch! Dixie Lynn is a superstar. :star_struck:


Happy Born Day Jon :wink: শুভ জন্মদিন
:candy: :pizza::v: :cake:


@jonbaas When I heard it was your birthday I had to call on Miss Dixie @thedixielynn to make a special birthday wish for you. However, due to technical difficulties, I did not get this posted earlier. And then I still needed help from Lorna.

Thanks @offlinehelpers. I am not a techie. Sigh :confused:


This is my first reply on fiverr community , so why not wishing birthday to Mr.Jon… Happy birthday Jon :slight_smile:


Seriously, Miss Dixie is a rising star! She’ll be a TRS very soon!