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Happy birthday to me

Using this medium to wish me a happy birthday. would appreciate birthday wishes from fiverree’s

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Thank you very much @annai80

Happy birthday!

Thank you @swordx10 it means a lot

Is this an actual birthday-birthday, or are you turning 1 in Fiverr years?
In any case, happy birthday! :smiley:

@zeus777 LOL well it was my actual birthday-birthday… Thanks i really appreciate

Happy Birthday!

Personally I refuse to age past 29, but however old you have just become make sure to have an awsome day and NOT SIT IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER ALL DAY!

Much love and best wishes!


Hope you had a great one.

@cyaxrex as much as i tried to have fun, my phone was still buzzing with fiverr notifications which i had no choice but to attend to 'em. But in the long run i had fun. I really appreciate your concern and birthday wish. As for you not aging. i really wish that would be possible. FOREVER YOUNG :smiley:

Hey @julipalmer7 yea i had fun but still had to get some orders completed at the other end. HAHAHAH!!! so it doesn’t end up as being late and messing up my Rating. Thanks a lot. Much love.

Happy Birthday :smiley:

Thank you. Better late than never.