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Happy Birthday to Me

:slight_smile: Dancing to the beat of my own birthday drum!

Where is the cake?

I guess that’s up to one of the memeaholics! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Maddie :slight_smile:

I’m a writer with no grasp of the graphics scene - here is what I could muster!! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Fonthaunt (Maddie)! And happy dancing! :smiley:

Thanks guys!

Actually, us mods are giving you a huge, colorfully-decorated, imagination-based cake. Butter cream frosting and everything! It’s sitting on the mod table in back. Feel free to stop in and have an imaginary piece. It’s delicious! :smiley:

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday and thanks for making this forum such a friendly environment for all of us!

Happy birthday!! :slight_smile: Hope your day is spectacular! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday @fonthaunt :smiley:

Happy birthday!!!
I hope you have a good one!
Get a cake, a bottle of wine, and oh, also a trip to the massage parlor and spa!! :smiley:

Happy belated birthday!

Ooh, that sounds good! The birthday celebrations had to be delayed a bit but I might do that sometime this week! :wink:

Thanks again, forum friends! Virtual leftover cake for everyone!

Happy birthday font!