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Happy buyer leaves 1 star rating, probably by mistake, ruins my account

Hey everyone,
I need your advice with this problem. I had an order with a client, everything went smooth, he didn’t ask for revisions, he only had a small issue with a contact form, that I fixed and let him know.
He then sent me a message saying “Thanks,it works perfectly now and I rechecked again and it is perfect. John”
I then received his feedback: “excellent work.” 1 STAR RATING!

I immediately sent him a message: “Hey, I just noticed that you left me 1 star, which is the worst rating, even though you said everything is perfect. Stars are very important for the sellers and I did everything you needed so I would like to know if you would like to change your rating. Thanks”

The problem is that he haven’t logged in to fiverr since he left me the feedback ( 1 day) and as far as I know he can only change the feedback in 3 days.

I am sure his rating was a mistake but as you know his 1 star rating will probably get me demoted to level 1 because I can’t keep a 4.8 rating with that feedback.

Should I go to customer support since it is clearly a mistake? Do you think they will give me a warning because I asked him to change his rating?

Please help me,




As far as I know, feedback can’t be changed at all, and asking for a feedback change is strictly forbidden.

They might, yes.


Hello Daditza,

That’s very unfortunate, and it must be very frustrating. However, I would suggest that you neither contact your buyer nor Fiverr as doing so, according to many sellers who have had the same thing happen to them, can get you a ToS warning.

YES! You heard me right. Fiverr has made it impossible for reviews to be changed, even if they were posted by mistake.

So, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it. I am sorry. If either you or (even) your buyer were to contact customer support and inquire about the review, you might get a ToS warning. It is better to just let it go and move on.

Considering how strict Fiverr has been in the last few months or so, you probably shouldn’t have even contacted your buyer (as some sellers have come to the forum saying they’ve received a ToS warning for even talking to their buyer about a review). I hope that you do not get penalized for that. At least you now know what not to do in the future.

I know… it’s unfair! It makes no sense. But that’s how things are right now (at least when it comes to reviews).

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Thanks for the reply, but do you realise that this will get the account demoted? And that all our work can be destroyed for a stupid mistake of ONE BUYER? Shouldn’t we do something about this?

It’s very unfortunate. However, you do not need a particular level to be successful on Fiverr. There are many successful unleveled sellers who make the same amount of money (or perhaps even more than what) they were making when they were level 2 or higher. I am sure many successful/experienced sellers on Fiverr can vouch for this.

Meanwhile, you can work toward getting your account back to level 2.

Here’s to wishing you the best!

Also, @daditza, I don’t think you will be demoted in the next evaluation (at least based on your stats at the moment). Did you know that during every evaluation, Fiverr ignores the lowest rated review you have earned in the last 60 days? In that case, from the reviews that I see on your profile, you still have a 5.0 rating (even with this new 1 star rating as it will not be considered during evaluation).

Here’s a quote from a post that was written last year by a Fiverr staff :arrow_down:

If anything, you might only get a ToS warning for contacting your buyer about the review (which is probably not gonna demote you).

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That’s really good news, I really didn’t know about Fiverr ignoring the lowest rated review.

Regarding the demotion, I have to admit that I used to be a Top Rated Seller and the impressions have lowered a lot and there is a difference between the sales as a Top Rated and those as a Level 2. So there was a negative impact.

Thanks for your message, you really helped me with this.

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Hi Daditza, Have you got your reply or not ?

Yes, the buyer replied and apologized and said that he wanted to leave a 5 star rating. And that he wants to know how he could change the rating…

The buyer was happy with the website, but he just didn’t see that the he must mark the stars and he left the negative rating by mistake. However, I still don’t know if I should ask him to contact the support.

actually sales is a number game, and if you have 1 bad sale’s experience out of six its doesn’t feel bad. so better don’t waste you time to rake up the past and do some productive actions; which may lead you to fix your previous bugs too.

Thanks for the advice.

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DO NOT ask support to change it! They will demote you for 30 days. As it is, they might still, since you asked the buyer already.


Even the buyer directly asking Fiverr CS to change the review can get YOU a ToS warning…

Yes, you heard that right. Even if the buyer themselves were to contact CS and tell them that they gave the seller (you) a negative rating by mistake, the seller (you) will most probably receive a ToS warning. So, please, just move on. :slight_smile: That’s the best course of action moving forward, imo.


Strikingly similar to a principle that is applied to Wile E. Coyote. From Wikipedia:

“If the Coyote uses an explosive (commonly dynamite) that is triggered by a mechanism that is supposed to force the explosive in a forward motion toward its target, the actual mechanism itself will shoot forward, leaving the explosive behind to detonate in the Coyote’s face”.


Wow cool post.
Thanks for sharing

Just tell him to forget about it and you forget about it too.

i recieved a delivery yesterday and rated all ones. Contacted support and told them i meant to rate all 5’s, and he changed it same day… worth asking your buyer…

For a seller it’s very risky to ask the buyer contact CS to change the review/rating as it can get a warning on the account. It’s best not to do it I think. If the buyer decides to contact CS because of a mistake that might be okay (as long as CS don’t think they were asked to do that in some way), but even then there might be some risk.

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Did your seller ask you to do so? or did you contact CS immediately once you realized you’ve rated 1?