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Happy buyer who left a TIP leaves less than 5 star review

Hi everyone! I’m feeling a bit badly about a review on my last order. The order went great, the buyer and I had great conversation before the order. I delivered her order early and she even left me a big tip! YAY! The only problem is that on her very kind and detailed review, she left 4.7 stars. Of course I am very grateful to her for the business, tip, and positive review, but I do still feel a bit badly about the 4.7 stars. I’m thinking about messaging her and asking how I might improve for next time, do you all think that’s a good idea? Thanks so much for your support and opinions here!


It’s not allowed to ask for or about reviews, even if you don’t mention the word review. You could get an account warning for that.


It’s happened in Fiverr but don’t look at it. Look at your value! It’s helps you to go forward.


Do not message the buyer. Conversing with buyers about feedback or reviews for orders can result in a warning from Fiverr.

4.7 stars is not bad at all and doesn’t significantly impact stats. 4.3 stars and below are perceived as a slap to the face for many sellers. Too many reviews below 4.7 stars can lead to level loss or buyer request suspension.

It is a bit odd to receive 4.7 stars and also a tip, but it’s not worth risking a permanent warning from Fiverr.


hi @catwriter! Thanks for your response! I wouldn’t be asking for a review, I know that is against community guidelines. I was just thinking of asking her how I might improve for next time or future orders.


@enunciator thanks so much for your input. I know 4.7 isn’t bad and I probably shouldn’t be upset about it especially considering what you’ve said. You’re definitely right, it’s not worth risking a warning from Fiverr. Thanks again!


It’s still risky, because it’s not allowed to make buyers feel bad about the rating they gave.


There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best to leave your buyer alone and move on.

good point @catwriter, I definitely have no intention of making them feel bad so the best thing to do is probably to forget about it and move on! Thanks again

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I would not advise you to do that, it is against the TOS. I would suggest you work at doing your best as you always do.

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thanks for the response @joshua_babs! As per others advice, I am not going to do anything moving forward, I ertainly do not want to violate Fiverr terms of service. Thanks again

This sometimes happens; they may or may not have meant to leave 4.7. It’s best not to bring it up unless the customer does and you certainly can’t ask for them to change the review. It’s very frustratingI know, because it has happened to me, but you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Try not to think about it, go on to the next customer, provide a great service.

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A 4.7-Star rating AND a Tip???

It could have been NO rating and NO Tip.

I didn’t know we were here to gain ratings.

I thought we were here to gain employment in the Gig Economy.

I get it.

You wanted a 5-Star review.

I rate your post at 2.5-Stars.

See, now that 4.7 must look pretty good now.

Sorry, I just shake my head at these kinds of posts.

I do feel for you, but really?

Thanks so much for the comment and help :heart: Much appreciated! @rosebarlow

Hey @looseink / thanks for your comment. I was just looking for a little positive support from my Fiverr community as I was feeling a little bit badly. I appreciate your time responding.

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For sure.

I understand how it must feel, but a 4.7 is nothing.

If you look at your profile, under your photo it shows that all you have are 5-Star reviews.

Fiverr doesn’t break them down, Fiverr rounds them up for your totals.

So, in reality, a 4.7 means nothing.


This has happened to me before. Just assumed they had done it by accident.

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@looseink good point. Thanks again for your time

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I agree with everyone else that says do not message the buyer and reference the previous order as it is potentially problematic. Having said that - if the buyer is happy with the work, and orders again - at that time, you could say “thanks for the order, pleasure working with you again - if there’s anything particular I could do for you to help make this transaction meet all your expectations, please let me know in advance. Complete customer satisfaction is my goal” :… or… something along those lines.

Maybe then, the buyer could provide you with some insight - but be sure not to reference, reviews.

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The problem with 4.7 reviews, is that too many of them, makes it harder to maintain your level… So while I understand technically, it’s still a good review… my aim is always a 5 star.