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Happy buyer who left a TIP leaves less than 5 star review

maybe not leave it and go ahead

Thank you so much for your time and support @socialhonor! Great suggestion :blush:

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I once did a gig, simple, easy, buyer left a tip and a 3 star across the board rating. Saying in the review I did a fantastic job. I messaged her when she ordered again and asked, “before starting the gig, was there an issue on the first job that I received only a 3 star rating”, She said, no issue, but seemed to get what I was saying, I have had 12 orders from her now and all the rest are 5 starts…
So some people just do not get it at first.

Another time I got a 1 star rating, fantastic review and a tip. I messaged the guy immediately. he said he clicked the wrong side of the star symbols while in a rush. And he contacted support and the changed it to 5 star, but yet it still shows up in my stats as my 1 1star review… Which helps be feel complete…

ALSO, on my tablet, in the app, I have had issues where I click the 5 start and only 4 stars light up. I always check now and it happens often.

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Glad you got it sorted out but …it’s dangerous to even mention a previous rating/review though. That can get you flagged… so my suggestion would be to avoid it.

Its not against TOS if you get a low review and then respond “I am sorry we did not live up to our reputation, is there a way in the future we can do better? I just want to provide the best service possible”

Exactly! That is what I just said above… however you said “before starting the gig, was there an issue on the first job that I received only a 3 star rating” which is a comment that could get your account flagged.

Never mention review or rating, to be on the safe side.

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I know this and at the time I worded it correctly :slight_smile:

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OOO okay I got ya! :rofl: Just trying to warn other sellers and make sure there is no confusion… :+1:t4:

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