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Happy Chinese New Year!

Today it’s Chinese New Year Eve, everyone will back home for family reunion and celebrate Chinese New Year.

For anyone out there who will celebrate, I wish you 心想事成,身體健康,恭喜發財!

May “Money God” follow us all~ LOL


Wish you all for Chinese New Year! :grinning::sparkler:
I would like to know more details about this new year . any one can do it?

It’s new year, but according to the lunar calendar! So like regular new year, but with a lot more red things and giving money to children.

(I miss having good Chinese food :frowning: )


And 15th st. level day is Chinese New Year, this should be the day off and reunion with family, no work, just eat New Year cookie and play firecrackers.

I raise my fast deliver extra from $50 to $100 yesterday just for 3 days so I no need force myself to work except someone willing pay $100 for that and I’ll feel happy at least. LoL.


I wish I were still young enough to qualify for 红包…in a few years I’ll be giving them out :no_mouth:

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It is fun to have something to celebrate. So it is the year of the dog. Lucky for them. It looks like your year @Woofy31!


I been giving Red Pockets for a decade, missed the old days when counting how much I have that year after CNY. LOL.

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a happy chinese new year to you as well !


Thanks @somaginer1996 :grinning:

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Thanks, Happy new year to you also.