Happy Fathers day to You in 2017


Please share your Feeling about your Father . You can share your memory with us.



Not sure what to get my dad for father’s day :grimacing:


happy fathers day to all fathers!
Firstly = God! :+1: :slight_smile:


My Dad is the best! I can’t say I’ve met a better man in my life. Every good thing you can say about someone, that’s him. :heart:


happy father’s day to all dad. Hope Fiverr’s day also will come with happiness :smile:


You know, had I wished my Dad “Happy Father’s Day” when he was around, he would tell me to stop being a sentimental fool and focus on my studies. LOL


My Dad is a wonderful man, supportive through everything, and even though he has some health issues he’s always doing something cool. He’s in his 80’s and currently trying to learn Photoshop from watching YouTube videos. Love my Dad and going to spend the day with him on Sunday! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and father figures and everyone else! :heart::clap:


My father is a very chill person. He is firm but very nice and kind, always friendly with anyone. My father always treats my mom very well. He taught me a lot of good things that´s useful for my life as an adult. The most important thing is, he taught me to respect myself as a woman so I wouldn´t end up with an **shole, nor I would attract an **shole. Long story short, I ended up with the best husband (5 years older than me) I could ever ask for. Been married for several years now and keep going strong. :slight_smile: :heart:

NB: To anyone here who has a daughter, teach her (by showing her an example) how a woman should be treated. I speak from my own experience as a daughter. I saw how well my father always treats my mother (of course my mother treats my father well too).