Happy Groundhog Day



Yeah. Not too happy tho. :sweat_smile:

Didn’t Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow? So, 6 more weeks of winter! :snowflake: :weary:


Same old, same old! :purple_heart:


Yep, gonna be like…


Groundhog Day is, like, my dream. I could post the same joke on the Fiverr forum over and over again, and it’d stay funny.


OMG Ice, ice, baby… :hushed:

Vanilla ice, ice, baby… See @eoinfinnegan I like Vanilla. :wink:

I remember my friends & I would have battles rappin’ to this joint. :sunglasses:

I know the lyrics word for word. I rap, too. You didn’t know? :stuck_out_tongue:

"Ice ice baby
Ice ice baby
All right stop
Collaborate and listen
Ice is back with my brand new invention
Something grabs a hold of me tightly
Then I flow that a harpoon daily and nightly
Will it ever stop?
Yo, I don’t know
Turn off the lights and I’ll glow
To the extreme, I rock a mic like a vandal
Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle"


But how do I get sale?


Take a look :sweat_smile::joy:


The forum often makes it feel like Groundhog Day.
How mek sel?
How first order?
(or the favorite of the native English speaking millennial) - What’s up dudez, I am super-duper excited to be here and make a difference in the world; give me orders and I will save the whales (by giving them .00001% of sales)


I am mentally debating whether to admit that this came on in my Spotify radio today - and I didnt skip it…


Best of luck and enjoy!:blush:


So if Groundhog Day repeats the same day over… what does it mean when your Fiverr Anniversary is on Groundhog Day? :wink:

Cake forever? :grinning:


Mmmm, very tempting @lilacpunch. :grin:

dessert lover lol

:yum: :cake:


Fess up that you was :microphone: rappin’ a little bit, too? :upside_down_face:


Me too lol.
I got cake today for it. No shame.


Maybe the groundhog day can mean get Fiverr orders again, and again, and again? :star_struck:

I hope you all have a good repeat orders for groundhog day!