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Happy Halloween! With this Scary, Creep Greeting!


Happy Halloween!!!

Choose one of three Halloween Greetings: Cemetery, Castle or Scary House on the Hill with this gig. It’s HD, 3D and Animated. Already comes with great audio sound effects.

Bonus is OVER NOW

Bonus, Order this gig and get a free day of Advertising / Promotion in a Mobile App from this gig:

or if you purchase the Mobile Ad gig you will get the Halloween Greeting as a bonus.

PS: Any past buyers inbox me for a free Halloween Greeting video :wink:


Halloween is two days away. It’s still not too late for your Halloween Greeting. Most delivered within a few hours. Remember you can save these for next year as well.


36 Days until Halloween :stuck_out_tongue:


35Days until Halloween :slight_smile:


34 days until Halloween!


My stats have to be wrong. it’s showing over 320k impressions on my Halloween gig, some impressions and page views but no sales yet.


33 days til Halloween? I received my first order for this gig. YAY!!!


29 Days til Halloween!!!

Here’s a sample:


24 Days til Halloween:

Jack O Lantern, Skulls and Lab available, see playlist:


16 days till Halloween. Get your video intro now. Give your customers / clients a treat.


9 days till Halloween. Don’t wait until the last minute :wink:

There must be a conspiracy against me because Fiverr sent out an email about Halloween gigs and I wasn’t included it those :frowning:

They never include my gigs in anything. SMH conspiracy I say…


Halloween is fast approaching. Get your greeting before it’s too late.


Happy Halloween everyone. Thanks to those who purchased this gig. Remember you can still get this and save it for next year.

The gig will be replaced with another holiday greeting but just send me a message, I can easily provide it to you.