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Happy Independence Day to All Indians

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

  • John F. Kennedy

Happy Independence Day to all fellow Indians!!!

Happy Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day!

I just find the anger and the frustration in India scary…can’t bear to watch the news…outrage, outrage, outrage, complain, complain, complain, everyone wants things to be handed out to them. Things are reaching a boiling point. I don’t envy Modi. Things were so much quieter and people were so satisfied with their lot 10-20 years ago when we were a closed economy and most people were poor or starving. Now that people no longer have to worry about food, they want cars, homes, jobs and more. Thing is they want it handed out to them, and are not willing to work for it. Everyone wants to be spoonfed by the state. I don’t envy prime minister Modi, a decent man in an impossible job. Just want to get out of this country before it becomes impossible to live. Looking at my options - Malta, Cyprus, Barbados, Spain, Greece…any place where I can spend my life in peace and quiet without worrying about the world collapsing around me.

I am very good at forecasting events in the future. I am observing the situation in Venezuela very closely. I have been predicting something like that to happen in India for many years now. In fact, we would have such a situation if Modi didn’t become the PM in 2014. That fear led me to contribute to his campaign. If the anarchists and Hugo Chavez like figures come to power in India in 2019, what’s happening in Venezuela right now will be a picnic. I urge everyone to Google “Venezuela + Crisis”. Well, I’m speaking to the wrong audience, I guess. Just feeling very negative today. (Spent time on Twitter again. LOL)

quit twitter, lol

Self-deleted: Too negative.

Maybe you should leave Twitter/TV/etc. to unplug and get started on the exercise thing. Your independence day seems to be an unhappy day.

Yeah, Fiverr Forum seems like a paradise in comparison…I even smile at the rants in Ranting Pot…LOL… so much ado about such little problems. Fiverr/writing articles is actually a pleasant distraction from all the negativity around me. Will stay away from all news, Twitter and stuff from now on.

Take a deep breath. Try to not be so worried. Remember one thing, we don´t live long in this world. We must know how to stay positive and happy as much as we can. I know it is impossible to always stay happy and relax 24/7 in our whole life, I can be negative and I argue too sometimes, but I hope you know what I mean.

˝Most people don´t realize that all of us here shall one day perish. But those who realize that truth settle their quarrels peacefully˝.

I understand, that’s great advice…but I’m not worried about myself to be honest, I’m worried about what some foolish people in my country will do to themselves and to others around them. I personally have no quarrels with anyone, have no worries etc and am satisfied in my personal situation. But in the rising ride, everyone will be affected.

Anyway, will stay away from this forum as well for a month or so. Will come back when I am no longer feeling so negative. Will just write articles, exercise and read books on my Kindle till then. Will talk to you guys later.

I like this quotation: “When we talk about settling the world’s problems, we’re barking up the wrong tree. The world is perfect. It’s a mess. It has always been a mess. We’re not going to change it. Our job is to straighten out our own lives.”

As I see it, especially that I have travelled to different countries I realized it even more that, when one problem is solved, another problem will come. Anytime, anywhere.

I get it that you are worried about them. That´s like me worrying about those poor dogs that I am not able to help because I only have two hands. But my husband told me, ˝Just do whatever good things within your power. Worrying about something that is beyond your control is a waste of time and energy˝. So I tried to learn to accept that I can only help those dogs that I can help.

Aw don’t go. You are so interesting. It’s ok to be negative so rant away. It helps to talk about it. We understand and I for one enjoy hearing it. It’s honest, justified reactions and I find it refreshing that someone is not so concerned with always being cheerful about everything.

Remember the late, great George Carlin, who was beloved for ranting about all the B.S. he saw around him.

I was in a bad mood yesterday, am fine now, but will stay off the news and Twitter from now on :slight_smile:

Your husband seems to be a very smart man :slight_smile:

Thank you. My husband is actually a very smart man. His IQ and EQ are just as high. He never raises his voice or gets angry at me when I make a mistake. He will tell me nicely when I make a mistake and offer a solution if needed. I will follow his advice, or not, he leaves it up to me. Most of the time I listen to him and follow his advices. Because with me, somehow I listen to people who tell me off nicely. I don´t like to be yelled at. My mother used to yell at me sometimes when I was much younger, maybe because I was kind of naughty. I know she loves me so much and I love her too. But she is a perfectionist and emotional person. Most of the time I did not listen to her because she yelled at me. Now she does not yell at me anymore because I am a grown up and I don´t live with her anymore. By now she knows that yelling at me won´t get her my attention.

By the way, you should stay in this forum. LOL. I agree with @misscrystal that you are an interesting person. It is normal to be negative sometimes. Like I said before it is impossible to always be positive 24/7 in our whole life.