Happy JonBaas Day -- the first unofficial Fiverr holiday!


Today is JonBaas Day! Let us pause a moment, and celebrate this joyous occasion!

In response to the growing frustrations that come with being a seller here on Fiverr, and with a desire to add something new and unexpected to the forum culture, I, with the powers vested in me as one of the forum’s most active users, hereby declare the 15th day of every month, “JonBaas Day”. It shall become the first proclaimed, recurring, unofficial Fiverr holiday, celebrated both here on the forum, as well as throughout the rest of the site.

It has been declared, so shall it be.

To celebrate this day, everyone who wishes to participate, shall be invited to give @jonbaas (i.e., myself) a digital “it’s okay, we’re in this together” hug, and is encouraged to share their happy stories, photos, and amusing anecdotes of jonbaas here on the forum (this topic is probably a mod-friendly place to do that :wink: ).

In addition, it shall become an honored tradition – on this day – to recommend Jon and his gig services to everyone you meet, whether that be your clients here on Fiverr, your neighbors walking their dogs out on the street, or that person sitting next to you in the lobby at your dentist appointment. On this day, all people shall be encouraged to meet Jon, and learn more about what he does, and why he does it.

In addition, gifts are welcome – gifts in the form of much-appreciated gig orders. And all who partake of this gift-giving celebration, shall be lauded and honored here on the forum. They shall, by the simple act of giving said gift, be automatically inducted into “The Society of Jon”. This society shall become the keeper, promoter, and defender of all future JonBaas Day celebrations, and shall be recognized for it’s collective merits by all who celebrate this wondrous holiday in future months.

It has been declared, so shall it be.

On this day, December 15, 2017, the first monthly JonBaas Day celebration shall commence.

I shall be available for sympathy hugs all day, gifts are welcome at any time, the ledger of the “Society of Jon” had been opened, and a party sub and drinks await all celebrants in the Fiverr Form Lounge. Let us be merry, for it is an amazing honor to be a Fiverr seller (despite the frustrations that come with that chosen career title) :slight_smile: .

Happy JonBaas Day! :smiley:

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Happy Woman's Day!

Happy JonBaas day, but…

In addition, it shall become an honored tradition – on this day – to recommend Jon and his gig services to everyone you meet

I don’t think this will ever happen, lol.


Thank you, and to you as well. May the joys of this day forever fill your 15th’s.


I hope too.

Can I make my own day too? Might as well be my birthday and all, trying to be original asf.


Very happy your own name day Jon! :slightly_smiling_face:

Gives me an excuse to report this:


Oh, that’s right, I completely forgot about the “jonbaas Bat Signal”. :wink:


I searched the net for a Happy Jon Baas day image. This is what I found.
And then there was this:

Have a Happy Jon Baas Day! :cake:


Happy JonBaas Day!!!


You’re a hoot Jon! :smiley:

A very happy JonBaas Day to you! :tada:


Happy JonBaas Day! :wink:


As the bartender in charge , what is the official libation of Jon Bass day?


Happy Baasday to you
Happy Baasday to you
Happy Baasday [insert alternative to “dear” here lest I end up baasted like one of the mek sells who calls you dear] Jon
Happy Baasday to you.



I’m totally down to celebrate this Holiday! :tada::ribbon::balloon::sparkles:

Jon Baas is the…
Brand man,
Funny man,
SciFi man,
Wise man,
Sweet man,
Artistic man,
Intellectual man.

Team @JonBaas all day, every day. :wink:

I’ll drink a non-alcoholic beverage to that :tropical_drink:. Cheers!

BTW~ Don’t be jealz of Jon this man deserves the accolades! :smiley:


Yeah, I’ve been seeing a lot of happy smiles (like the girl in the photo) today. Perhaps JonBaas Day will hit afterall! :wink:

Happy JonBaas Day to you as well!


And to you as well. May the gig gods smile upon you this joyous day! :wink:


Thank you! I always thought there was a little owl within me. Happy JonBaas Day! :smiley:

And to you as well. And, may I say, that’s an intriguing red square icon (?) you have shared. I’ve never been more… happy than I appear in that image. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, yes, I suppose that is a necessary bit of information. Let’s see… rum and coke. Perhaps even a Whiskey Old-Fashioned… sweet.

Ha! I hadn’t realized that my name works so well within those song lyrics. Nicely done!


Oooh! And now there’s an official document to memorialize this day as well. Well done, Nika, well done! I hereby declare you the official librarian of all JonBaas and JonBaas Day documents. :wink:

Thank you. That’s very kind. :slight_smile:


:heart: Why thank you.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: