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Happy Labor Day From Your Uncle Charles

It is Labor Day in the United States. A time when we show appreciation for all those who labor by working a four day week. Take some time this weekend to enjoy a last gasp of summer, appreciation for the ability to use this amazing platform to work when and where you want, and to think about all those who are suffering in Huston. It can get slow here this weekend.

Happy Labor Day!


Uncle Charles


By not working a full-week? That’s not my experience. Labor day is only one day. Besides, those of us on Fiverr aren’t salary employees, for me to get a break, I either have to finish all my work early or I have to put my gigs on vacation.

The day I have nothing to do on Fiverr is a rare day indeed.


In my country it was in May and it’s only a single day… are you sure it’s a full week? I’ve never heard of something like that before, and I imagine that if everyone stopped working for a full week there’d be utter chaos! :grimacing:


Please don’t refer to yourself as Uncle Charles. There are many of us here who are as old or older than you. It’s very weird. LOL.


I think he means that since most businesses are closed on Labor Day (which is always the first Monday of September) we will only be working 4 out of 5 days this week. Of course, that doesn’t apply to Fiverr work. :sweat_smile:

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Why are you so Auntie Anti-Uncle?


I believe he was being “anti-weird.”
…Gotta say…there’s something very white van, clown suit wearing and menacing undercurrent-ish about needing to be called “Uncle.”

mod note: I mean this lovingly, of course.


Yeah, I know, but my joke would not have worked then.


I should have said, I teach, thus we get one day off, Monday, so it is a 4 day week.

Sorry you feel that way. Sincerely, Uncle Charles

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Yeah, I used to love a 4 day week before Fiverr. Now, it makes no difference.

What do you teach? I applied to Teach for America but they rejected me.

@silberma1976 Uncle Charles it says in your profile you are a fiverr Super Seller.
I have seen a few other super sellers who have appeared on the forum or in podcasts, or in articles, who have thousands of sales a month but you have slightly under 1000 reviews.
I’m curious how they informed you of this? The whole super seller thing is a puzzle to me.

Maybe Uncle Charles would not be as bad as “Your” uncle charles since it kind of sounds like the reader is forced to have someone they don’t know as an uncle. (Perhaps my area is too southern, but where I live men who call themselves uncle and aren’t related tend to have questionable intentions.) It also reminds me of the ones who call everyone “dear” and that’s not my thing either. Anyway, I agree with @writer99025 writer on this one but I’m also old and currently cranky.


Especially when they sign their note Love, Uncle Charles


Yeah, I’m not feeling it at all. I’ll be frank it feels weird, creepy & awkward to call a complete stranger Uncle Charles. Charles is good enough for me.


Let’s not be too harsh on Charles, he was just trying to be funny but it didn’t come off right. Not a big deal.


I find this more interesting than some threads so it’s ok with me.

I teach PE! Physical education.

Super seller is not an official Fiverr title. I was featured in the Blog twice as a Super Seller. So it comes from being featured in the Blog under that title. Plus, my middle initil is S and my last name starts with S, so it all works out. Super Seller. I can say that is my real middle and last name.

I mean it in a playful way. I could call myself Drunk Uncle. I am an Uncle in real life too.