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Happy level 2 to me!

After a little over a year of sweat equity with the support from some loyal and awesome Buyers and continuing creative collaborations with other Sellers I have finaly made it to Level 2 Seller Status.

Many thanks to all you Fiverr Forum Peeps for your sage advice in helping me get here without totally losing it.

Thanks to Customer Support for listening to my rants and solving most of my issues in a timely-ish manner.

Hats off to the Sheriffs who keep these Forum streets as Troll and Spam free as Sheriffly possible.

A BIG shout out to to the amazing voice artists chrishardy and ruanna3 whose spot on performances are no small part of the success of my custom animation Gigs.

Last but never least a nod to my old Uni flat mate professorpuppet who got me started down this crazy yellow brick road in the first place.



Thanks Fiverr CS for getting my Level 2 status to finally show up in the Forum too!!! :smiley:


Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

Well done anigrams! Next stop Top Rated!

Congratz! Let’s make it to Top Rated Seller status together!

Best of luck, dudeeee

Top Rated INDEED!!! :smiley:




Thanks, you are a definite inspiration to reach for that brass ring.

Cheers Mate!

Keep up the good quality work. Wish you best of luck :slight_smile:

Happy Level 2 to you! I love how you are celebrating, yet giving big ups to those who helped along the way. You rock.